Tyler Krupicka

Engineer & Software Developer


Hi, I'm Tyler. I'm a software engineer currently working in developer productivity at Stripe. I use this site as a comprehensive list of my experience and projects.




Proficent: Python, Typescript, ES6 Javascript (Vue, React, Angular), Java, Go, HTML, CSS.
Some Experience: C, C++, ARM Assembly, VHDL, Natural Language Processing, Android Development, React Native, Node.js, PHP.
Frameworks & Libraries: Babel, Webpack, Browser Extensions, PostCSS, Probot, Docker, Django, Flask, Caddy, NLTK, Redis, ElasticSearch, SQL, OpenCV, Alexa SDK.
Tools: Linux/Windows/Mac,VSCode, Git, JIRA, AWS, Firebase, Github, Gitlab, Jenkins.




FIRST FTA: I volunteer as a Field Technical Advisor for FIRST events.
RIT Competitive Cybersecurity Club: I attend meetings and complete weekly challenges on different cybersecurity techniques.
RIT Computer Science House: Active member during my first years at RIT.
FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics: Captained my high school team for three years. Two appearances at the world championships.
Boy Scouts of America: Earned the rank of Eagle while in high school.